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You can purchase right here on our site or purchase on our Facebook page. We've heard nothing but rave reviews for our original kettle corn flavor, so order your bag(s) today and stay tuned as we perfect more flavors for your enjoyment. All orders are popped fresh before we ship via USPS and should be good for 10-14 days in their unopened state (if you can wait that long).


We're working on getting Yumii Kettle Corn into more local stores....Check back soon for a list. In the meantime purchase right from our website or if you are local to Columbus, check out our page on StreetFoodFinder for a local pickup event:

If you have a store or know of one we should talk to, feel free to contact us!

Current Retailers:
Tommy's Jerky Outlet (Broadway, Grove City, OH)

Our Popular Items

Yumii Variety Pack
Yumii Variety Pack

Four of our Traditional Size bags filled with all of our sweet flavors!!

Caramel Corn Pack
Caramel Corn Pack

Four of our Traditional Size bags filled with our satisfying Yumii CARAMEL Corn flavor.

 Buckeye Drizzle Pack
Buckeye Drizzle Pack
Four Traditional Size bags filled with our amazing Yumii Kettle Corn BUCKEYE DRIZZLE flavor.


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